Ruler Growth Chart

We wanted to make a growth chart to keep track of the heights of the kids over time.  Shirley’s internet/pinterest browsing eventually came up with a brilliant, but well used idea: a growth chart that looks like a ruler.

We bought a 6 foot tall cedar fence board for $5, and then sanded, and stained using the vinegar/iron treatment described in our farmhouse table post. We thought about how to create the gradation lines and the numbers.  At first we thought about using stencils but figured it would be easier to just use a framing square to draw the various lines to the right length with a black Sharpie marker.

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DIY pallet family silhouette project

Shirley has been madly “pinning” DIY home projects on Pinterest, and she became obsessed with the idea of making something like this pallet silhouette art project.  She has been on the internet looking at people use the manual hydraulic log splitter, table saw and various other tools to create spectacular DIY at home. The idea of using such tools in the apartment was a little much, but this does not mean nothing could be done. Chris was kind enough to humor her and help her implement this idea. Behold the finished product:

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