Building a planter box and planting fruits and veggies

Since we moved to the new house, the yard hasn’t been in the best of shape and we haven’t been able to grow any food, like we did at our old place.  So Chris decided to build a planter box in the back yard.  After a couple of trips to Home Depot for redwood 2x6s, it was a quick job, cutting and screwing together the planter box.

It’s a nice solid 4′ x 8′ box (and 18″ high), suitable for use as a bench, and holds alot of dirt, totaling around 3000 lbs, which Chris had to shovel.  We added some compost to amend the soil and planted strawberries, cabbage and tomatoes.  Can’t wait for our first harvest.

3 thoughts on “Building a planter box and planting fruits and veggies

  1. InKa says:

    Your blog is great & really inspiring !!!

    I can see that the box sits on some kind of membrane, what is it exactly. And also, what did you use to line the inside of the box?

    I hope you keep sharing your renovation story, it’s great!!!

  2. chris says:

    Thanks for the enthusiastic comment.
    The box has some weed fabric below it to keep the weeds from growing around the bottom of the box (moreso on the outside). The plastic liner on the inside is just some thin polyethylene sheeting that is normally used as a paint drop cloth, but I cut it and stapled it to the box to keep the wood a little drier when watering the soil. I not sure either is necessary.

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