University Progression Agreement

Progress agreements are a useful tool for recruitment, as they provide a relatively predictable source for international students. In particular, the 2/2 agreements can be used wisely to recruit students from countries with 12 years of teaching. B like China and Pakistan. Instead of having a year of creation in the UK, students can start four years of bachelor`s degree in their home country and move directly to a British bachelor`s degree. It is not mandatory to sign an agreement to develop other partnerships. It is best to avoid the creation of an agreement and to reach a relevant agreement directly for each type of partnership. However, we understand that an agreement for an institution is recognized as a precondition for a debate on collaborative activities. To reach an agreement, please fill out the form of the first application of the agreement and indicate it to It is important to note that a progress agreement does not guarantee guaranteed access to students from partner university in Manchester. On the contrary, the agreement offers a guarantee of entry, subject to the defined admission criteria (for example. B specific grades in years 1 and 2 and in English). An agreement offering guaranteed progress would require the University of Manchester to ensure the quality of the partner institution`s programme.

Progress contracts require an internal authorisation procedure and should be subject to a written legal contract. It can take up to 12 months from the initial approach to signing the contract. As a general rule, an agreement should be reached at least 9 months before the first students arrive in Manchester in order to have sufficient time to recruit students and prepare for studies in the UK. Remember that students need at least 3 months to get a visa. As a student at one of our partner schools and colleges, there are a number of tools and help to help you move to higher education in Marjon. Step 3: Determine curriculum compatibility g. program exchange and detailed post-JC teaching and evaluation methods to determine course compatibility. Partner institutions should provide a copy of the program in English (a list of english course unit titles is not enough). H. Check the partner`s ranking scheme.

They should ensure that the partner university students have covered at a similar level and through a similar evaluation process (or will be ready to cover one or two concepts as part of an expanded introduction process in Manchester) all the main materials taught in the basic modules of the first year in Manchester. Step 7: contract negotiation and signing a. If you are satisfied that all of the above questions have been agreed, send the partner a draft contract (the international relations team provides a template). If possible, you should use the university model agreed by the contract team. If you are using a project provided by the partner, it must be approved by the IR and Contracts teams. B. In addition to a detailed progress agreement, some partners are happy to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that sets out the general intention to cooperate. A declaration of intent is not a prerequisite, but if it is strictly necessary, it can be agreed at the school or faculty level.

It is not possible to sign an agreement at the university level. c. The agreement should be signed by the dean of the faculty and not by the director. d. Send the international relations team a copy of the signed agreement. This is a good practice for one or more school representatives and/or ability to make regular visits to partner university to develop the relationship and potential candidates (for example.B.

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