July 2005 Trip to Big Sur

We revisit the site of our first backpacking trip (our first trip together ever!) from July 1997 (before we even started dating).
Some of the pictures we took this time are remarkably similar to the photos we had taken 8 years ago. We took
the Kirk Creek trail up to Cone Peak, the highest coastal mountain in the lower 48 states, rising 5100 ft above sea level.

img_0758 img_0766 kirkcreektrailpano5c1 bigsur97_02 img_0780
dscn5820 dscn5823 bigsur97_12 img_0794 dscn5825
img_0821 img_0834 img_0836 bigsur97_09 img_0856
bigsur97_11 img_0866 img_0870 img_0899 img_0907
img_0920 img_0928 img_0941

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