Our Trip to New Zealand Journey to Middle Earth 
-Days in NZ: 16
-Distance driven: ~2920 km/~1750 miles
-Nights camped/in hostels: 8/8
-Favorite campsite: Routeburn Flats (on Routeburn Track)
-Nights it rained on us in the tent: 0 (luckily!)
-Most expensive lodging: 58NZ$ (~$40US) 
-Nights with en suite bathroom (!): 2
-Most unusual animal spotted: Ostrich
-Fish and chips meals: 2
-Times Shirley said "that was SO cool!" after seeing the One Ring: more times than Chris cared to hear
-Towns we passed through that had more than one lane roads: 2 (Christchurch and Nelson)
-Days between stoplights at an intersection: about 14
-Most-eaten snack: biscuits!
-Interesting NZ fact learned: They hire backpackers as migrant labor (i.e. fruit picking, etc.) Gallery 2: 31-60 pictures Gallery 1: 1-30
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